Twenty Six Point Two Miles, Oh My!

Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Meet resident CYCLED! member Shannon who has made almost 200 visits to CYCLED! since joining the studio. Shannon just completed the Chicago Marathon held on October 7, 2018 in Grant Park, Chicago. You read that correctly, Shannon tackled 26.2 miles! Let’s learn how Shannon prepared to rise to the challenge…


Chicago Marathon, 26.2 miles


Bank of America

How did you train for the marathon? 

"I didn’t want to follow the advised or suggested exercise plan. I wanted to exercise the way that I preferred. In doing so, I doubled up on my cycling classes with two sometimes three classes a day and then would run the other days as part of my routine."

What encouraged you to try? 

"When I turned 25 I was able to run in two half marathons and by 30 my goal was to run a full one."

What's the entry process like? 

"You have to be an elite runner in order to participate. Once those runners are selected, you can enter into a lottery to be selected and I was chosen!"

Why did you choose Chicago? 

"Chicago is one of the most popular places for marathons. People often can break their records in the city because it's a flat run."

What are your tips or best practices for the any marathon interests? 

"If you don't prefer running as training routine, try to double up on another form of exercise like cycling. Also, diet is a big thing! It really changed everything thing for me. I cut out white rice, fried foods, etc. and my body, skin, and everything improved for the better. And I'll take it for the 'snatch' that came after."


Final words: 

"I really appreciated the CYCLED! family and community supporting me and cheering me on from start to finish. They kept me accountable and would check in when they didn't see me in class. The instructors even sent me cheers through the Motigo app. Literally, they sent me personalized cheers that was sent to my phone once I hit a certain distance. It was so encouraging, and I really appreciated them for the love and support."