Aysha, a renowned personal chef, fell in love with cycling 4 years ago. Although she loves to cook, she realized that she needed to find a balance between her love for food and being healthy. She embarked on a personal weight loss journey that lead her to spinning. Aysha’s goal as an instructor is to be a source of motivation for others! She works to remind her riders that anything is possible if you work diligently at it. It’s not about being a size 0, but about being the healthiest you, that you can be.

Tell us why you sweat?

The intensity of the workout combined with the high energy music in a club like setting, allowed me to just focus on myself for an hour and forget about anything else that may have been going on during my day. I haven’t stopped since.

What type of class do you teach & what can riders expect from your class? 

I’m a rhythm rider! I like to use the intensity of the music to help me design my rides. When you ride with me, expect a HIIT class, with a combination of sprints, jumps, and hills (I love hills!).

How do you curate playlists for class?

EDM is my favorite music to ride to, but I like to mix it with up with other genres.

Have you always been into fitness? 

I’ve always been very active. In high school I was a volleyball player and ran track, but injuries slowed my down, so then I started lifting weights, which I still enjoy to this day.

What inspired to you to get into fitness?

The fear of getting diabetes and heart disease which both run in my family.

What were the hurdles that got in your way? 

Pushing myself without flaring up old injuries.

Favorite current hit song and artist?

Dua Lipa - New Rules (Remix)

What is an unusual/unique thing about you that isn't fitness related?

As a kid, I worked on Italian TV shows, and modeled for Vogue Kids!

Fitness tip for 2018? 

Mix up your workouts!

When/Where can folks take class with you?

I’m a morning rider! I teach every Tuesday and Thursday at 6am and Sundays at 10am in Silver Spring