Meet Brittani

Brittani, a practicing attorney, found her way into spinning while studying for the bar examination. She hated fitness activities most of her life, but she needed a hobby that was quick, full of high intensity and something that forced her to connect her body and mind. After a 20-pound weight loss, she discovered her true passion. Brittani’s goal is to help others find a little time every day to unplug and find the happiest version of themselves!

Tell us, why do you cycle?

I cycle for a release. Too often people get caught up in their mind, or what may have happened in their day or their family. Cycling for me serves not only as a fitness activity but as a means of releasing whatever may have happened throughout the day, or maybe going on in my life and allowing me to come back to my center.

March is Women's History Month. As we reflect on the achievements of women across the world, is there a female athlete that has inspired you on your fitness journey?

Serena Williams. I love her for so many reasons. Beyond her athletic prowess, she taught me to find power in my curves. I am a curvy woman, and I have been that way my whole life. Serena Williams taught me that I don’t have to be a size two to be an athlete, and that being an athlete did not mean all I could do is cardio to maintain a certain size. I can lift heavy weights and have muscles while being feminine and graceful.

What type of class do you teach & what can riders expect from your class?

I teach a high-intensity class. Students can sometimes find me off the bike, jumping up and down, or signing to the beat. I also truly try to make sure class is fun. I make an effort to curate every playlist to make the ride more of an experience and less of a task. Riders can expect to be challenged while in class but in a way that may or may not feel like a workout. Students should expect to go full throttle non-stop for the duration of the class, and when they look up, the class is over!

How do you curate playlists for class?

I curate playlists based on the emotions that I want students to feel at particular points in the class. If we are riding an incline, I want a song that has motivational words, whereas if the class is working on a speed drill, I would prefer a song that is more fun, and makes students want to dance. I also focus a lot on bass. Throughout the class, I tend to vary between the rhythm of the song and the RPM range that I would like the class to ride between. If I want a particular song to be ridden on the rhythm, I try to search for a song that has a really hard bassline to emphasize that a student should be at the bottom of the pedal stroke when that base sound hits.

Favorite current hit song and artist?

I really love “Famous” by French Montana and “Love You Better” by Christian Combs.

Have you always been into fitness? What inspired you to get into fitness?

I was NOT into fitness at all. The idea of sweating for fun was nonsensical to me for a very long time. I think what altered for me was two things; noticing that I was getting bigger and someone telling me that I needed to create good habits. I can remember complaining to a friend, in college, about how my clothes weren’t fitting. She got tired of my woes overtime and told me to stop immediately. She explained to me that change was in my control and until I decided to do something about my increasing weight, I did not have room to complain about it. That particular friend was not a fan of excuses as she was a fitness competitor.

After college, my uncle showed me a picture of myself at a high school graduation party, and again I complained. He told me that I had the power to change and create good, healthy habits that would enable me to feel better about myself. He too was not a fan of excuses. I promptly pursued a trainer and hadn’t looked back since.

What were the hurdles that got in your way?

FOOD. I freaking love food particularly fried foods, pasta, and sweets. I had and still have an issue with portion control especially when something is really good. But I now realize that I can have things that I like just not often, and I cannot be excessive when having them. I make sure though to keep, my workouts regular so that my mind is also at ease when having a “treat.”

A fitness tip for 2018?

Be true to what soothes your soul. Every workout is not for everybody. Find the few that you enjoy and do those. Try new things but some things may not be for you, and that’s okay. When you find something that suits your soul and can help you meet your fitness and lifestyle goals, stick to and go full throttle.

When and where can folks take classes with you?

I teach at CYCLED! Takoma Park on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. and Thursday evenings at 6:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.