Hi, I’m Ian, and I was once a chronic cardio avoider.

In 2009, my mother went on a fitness bender. She came across cycling and found it’s low impact, high cardio workouts exhilarating and honestly, addicting. The additional benefit of an early class time made her a regular. Me, being too young to stay in the house alone, was forced to become her accountability buddy.

Fast forward to 2017... I’m currently a student at the University of Maryland, GO TERPS! As a student, I quickly learned that maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise routine, while living in a dorm and eating at a dining hall, was not going to be easy. I tried running, but my knees paid for it. I tried water polo, but I couldn’t tread water to save my LIFE. I tried rugby, and gave that up before I could lose a tooth. I was craving a new exercise class, but nothing seemed to fit. So, when I heard the buzz about a new cycling boutique opening in my neighborhood, I was thrilled to go back to my fitness roots!

It only took one class for me to realize that #RealMenSpin and cycling was B A E. It was like Kelly Rowland’s song, Motivation, and "when we’re done, I don’t wanna feel my legs." After only a couple of sessions my thighs were looking like Serena Williams’, and my gluten were looking like that of a Kardashian (I’m considering getting them insured.) 

CYCLED!’s 6:15 am class gets my head more clear than a cup of coffee. I love seeing the same faces class after class, knowing i’m surrounded by fellow sweat junkies. Nothing is better for inspiration to push my limits than comparing stats with other cyclers on the leaderboard after each class.

So, when I was approached by the CYCLED! family to contribute to their blog, I jumped on the opportunity to share my story and motivate others to give the stationary adventure a try. Join me in my exploration of cycling’s effects on the mind, body, and soul, and leave all excuses at the door. Let's get CYCLED!

Thank you for checking out CYCLED!’s blog! If you'd like to share your story through our blog, email us at info@CYCLEDmd.com.

Real Men Spin

Real Men Spin