Medal Motivation

Find out about CYCLED! regular, Selena’s valiant effort to complete her first Triathlon


Making the decision to complete a Triathlon

Selena’s husband started participating in triathlons two years ago. She finally made the decision to give one a try after a bit of convincing and much appreciated support.

Preparing for the Triathlon

Selena went from the couch to using the 5k App to work herself up to shorter runs. She purchased a bike last October to increase her comfort level with riding (she had not been on a bike since she was a kid!)

Incorporating CYCLED! into the training program

Selena dedicated three days out of the week to running while biking any where from one to two days. Swimming would mostly be done in the evening or on Saturdays. CYCLED! came into her life after she attended Takoma Park’s Small Business Fair after recently moving to Silver Spring and ending a membership at a chain fitness club. Selena attended one of Shayla’s classes and was sold. Since joining the CYCLED! community, Selena has visited CYCLED! 70 times!

Selena with instructor Adrienne

Selena with instructor Adrienne

The most challenging aspect of Selena’s training

After deciding to train for and complete a Triathlon, Selena had to undergo surgery which hindered her from training consistently until she was cleared by her physician to perform physical activity. After two months, getting back into her routine proved challenging, but after losing over 100 pounds over the last five years, Selena knew what she was capable of.

Selena’s advice for others wanting to complete their first Triathlon

It is very important to schedule out time to train and give yourself enough time to prep Selena suggests. Use the tools/apps we have to properly train and avoid injury.

The most exciting aspect about Selena’s experience

The day of the Triathlon showed me how supportive friends family and spectators where. Despite the finish time, there were people cheering and encouraging participants, just like at CYCLED! Selena explains.

Next up for Selena

We might find Selena running a few 5K races. Her next goal is to complete a 10K

CYCLED! will be rooting for you Selena! Our resident Triathlete

Selena crossing the finish line of the Rev3 Stafford Sprint Tri which took place on September 16th, 2018

Selena crossing the finish line of the Rev3 Stafford Sprint Tri which took place on September 16th, 2018