Metrix and Zone Breakdown

You rocked your workout! Now it’s time to understand the numbers. Let’s take a look at how you should be interpreting your end of class results report.

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Class Rank

Where you ranked compared to the other riders.

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calories burned*

The amount of calories you burned during class.

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Your average heart rate from start to finish.

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The total cycled distance traveled (in miles).

Grey Zone

Grey Zone

Zone 1: Very Light

0%-60% of your Maximum Wattage. This zone gets your blood flowing and is essential for maintaining a healthy heart and recovery after a workout.

Orange Zone

Orange Zone

zone 4: Hard

81% - 90% of your Maximum Wattage. This zone is made up of high intensity workouts to improve your performance.

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Your average speed throughout class.

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average/max rpm

Your average speed calculated from start to finish.

Blue Zone

Blue Zone

Zone 2 : Light

61% - 70% of your Maximum Wattage. This zone uses fat and carbs to fuel your endurance.

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How much power you were able to churn out.

Green Zone

Green Zone

zone 3: Moderate

71% - 80% of your Maximum Wattage. Fatigue is delayed as moderate exercise is performed improving fitness.

Red Zone

Red Zone

zone 5: Maximum

91% - 100% of your Maximum Wattage. This zone aids in top-end speed development and performance in short periods.

*clients with a registered heart rate monitor will be able to accurately read calories burned and heart rate for the duration of their attended classes. please speak with a happiness advisor if you would like to purchase a heart rate monitor.